Film Grant

Call for Rima Film Grant


The film grant is a great opportunity for international film amateurs to produce a film based on their personal experience of migration.

This call for proposals is addressed to non-professional film-makers, directors and producers with an active interest in short films and in themes related to exile and migration.

Migrants are encouraged to apply.

Film proposals can be submitted by individuals or by teams. If applying as a team, the proposal should be submitted by an individual representative, but the application should include the signatures of all confirmed members of the team at the time of submission.

The selected proposal will be given a small budget allocated by RIMA/Valletta 2018.

Deadline for the application: 22 July 2017

The result will be announced on 12th August.


The Film Grant has the following main objectives:

1) To encourage the creation of a subjective film production on the experience of migration and exile in Malta;

2) To allow non-professionals to improve their film-making skills;

3) To foster collaboration between non-Maltese film-makers and Maltese filmmaking talent;

4) To support film-makers that demonstrate long-term potential.


The proposal should include:

  • The application form (to be downloaded from this page)
  • A letter of intent
  • A signed Application form declaration
  • A photocopy of the ID card, passport or any official document recognized by the Maltese state
  • A script (minimum of 2 pages and up to a maximum of 10 pages)  
  • A provisional budget not exceeding 7500 euro (including VAT)
  • A general indication of locations, sounds, props, actors
  • Film references, mood and genre

Proposals should be sent to


The selected team will be given the liberty to chose their filming techniques and they will be helped by two professional film makers, each with their own expertise: Dagmawi Yimer and Kenneth Scicluna.

The filming will take place in Malta between the 16 October  2017 and the 24 October 2017.

The film must be completed and ready for public showing on the 31st January 2018.

The short film will be shown during the Rima Film Festival in October 2018.


The script of the short film should be the result of the combination and adaptation of the two following stories written during the Creative writing and Storytelling workshop:

Un goût sucré-salé, Katel Delia

Cold as an arctic blade, Ibrahim Musbah

The authors Katel Delia and Ibrahim Musbah will have an advisory role in the writing of the script.


A Public meeting with the Maltese film-maker Kenneth Scicluna will be held on the Saturday 1st July 2017, 10 am in Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta.

All applicants are invited to attend in order to get more information about the Rima Film Grant.

This Grant is supported by Rima and the Valletta 2018 foundation.


General Eligibility for the key film-maker (Applicant) :

The key film-maker is free to associate him/herself with anyone irrespective of nationality or experience. The associates can be a professional in film production without specific experience of migration.

The key film-maker applying to this call will be held accountable for the good management of the funds and for the quality of the film.


The key film-maker (Applicant) must:

  • Have lived an experience of exile and/or migration away from their country of origin
  • Live in Malta (with no minimum duration of stay),
  • Be more than 18 years old.


Deadline for the application: 22 July 2017