Encounter with migrant narratives, part two

26th - 27th February, 2016

K. – Home is a place when you can do whatever you want at the time of the day you want. I miss the sound of the tram. Where I used to live there were the trails. This sound in the background – I miss it. The portiere used to open the big door in the morning and the sound became louder. In Milan I missed being able to look at the horizon. This was something I was familiar with while travelling in Malta.


A. – Travelling has always been very important to me. Where I come from travellers are very respected people. My father was a great traveller and had friends all around Mali even though it is a huge country. In the Mali region, travelling is understood as a learning experience. A traveller is respected just like a university professor, both are well-read, in their own way. I define home in two ways: the place you choose to live in and the place where you are born. I was born in Mali, it would be the place where my umbilical cord and placenta are buried. I will always remain attached to this place no matter where I go. It defines me. I did not choose it. It is where I entered life, it is the ground I first touched.